Keep their clitty’s all locked up!

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And I adore watching a full grown man turn into my little bitch.   It’s when a man true weakness begins to show.  It is his clitty.  Once you own and control that, every thing else will follow.  I can never get enough of training you sissy girls.  You know deep down inside, that all you want to do is make happy.  To be the best little girl you can be, all for me!

Be the best little sissy you can be,
Your humiliation, is my entertainment!
The Divine Miss X aka Goddess XTC

Good little sissy faggot

She was such a good little faggot.  And what fun we had playing yesterday afternoon!  Her little clitty teased and abused at my whim.  She arrived, after a long flight, but still made sure her pussy was shaven smooth, and pussy clean in and out.  We played with ginger, and plugged her tight man pussy with a giant butt plug.

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Emasculating a man is truly a gift.

Be the best little sissy you can be,
Your humiliation, is my entertainment!
The Divine Miss X aka Goddess XTC

What kind of sissy are you?

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Yes, I’ve found over the years, that there ar e two main types of sissys. Which one are you?

The first is the sissy slut. You are what could be considered a lesbian of sorts. You have no interest in cock. None what so ever. You will suck it, and you will fuck, if it is what I want, but it is pussy you dream of licking and sucking. You dream of having a lesbian lover. Nothing turns you on more than thinking of me allowing you to wear a nice big strapon cock, and letting you fuck me. You little clitty could never satisfy me, but my giant strapon will. How embarassing. You are a lesbian.

Or, are you a sissy faggot. The kind of sissy that yearns and craves cock. But you just cant say you are gay. You dream of being pounded by a giant cock. Having your sissy pussy raped and ravaged? Do you dream of swallowing load after load of hot sweet cum…

I want you to start rubbing your clittly, and imagine what kind of sissy are you? Cum for me sissy!

This really is the first step-What kind of sissy are you…Lets get started on your training bitch!

12 minutes

Be the best little sissy you can be,
Your humiliation, is my entertainment!
The Divine Miss X aka Goddess XTC

Pegging a Man

Few aspects of FemDom are as powerful as taking the man up the ass with a strap-on.  And a power most women will never know, or only dream of.  One of the greatest forms of humiliation is stripping a man of his pride, taking his control.   The act is taboo, the act can be brutal-after all, most of you are just little bitches.  Little whores, who have earned and deserve to be treated as such.

I love the finding that sweet spot while Im pegging a man, the spot that feels so good-the better it feels, the more humiliating it becomes.  You are a man aren’t you-you are not meant to be fucked.  The shame created by the pleasure is like none other.  How can something so wrong, feel so good.

Despite your  physical discomfort and the humiliation from pegging – the pleasure you will find in submission, is beyond your wildest dreams. It will be one of the most intense experiences you have ever had.   Your complete submission, and loss of control will stimulate parts of you, you never knew existed.

Pegging is for me, at the very least,  a  personal thing, the power exchange is intense .  There is something very “unfeminine” about strapping on a cock, and fucking a man.   Looking back , I felt silly and a bit awkward the first time I looked down and saw a cock between my legs, it wasn’t natural by societies norms.  I felt the power immediately, being 100% comfortable and at ease with that power did take time.  It is an act of giving on both parties part.  The man giving up his control, and the women giving up part of her femininity.  It is complicated to explain, especially if you are in a relationship….It can be done to completely degrade, humiliate and break a man, it can also be done from a place of caring, or somewhere in between.

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Be the best little sissy you can be,
Your humiliation, is my entertainment!
The Divine Miss X aka Goddess XTC

5 rules for a sissy to live by

1.  Be excited with your role as sissy.  Remember what an honor it is to be claimed as your Mistress’s sissy.  She has spent her time and energy training you.  Make her proud by showing your eagerness and devotion to please her.

2.  Accept your role as an inferior.  There is no need for masculine posturing.  Your Mistress, knows best.  Accept and embrace the sissy girl inside.

3.  Show pride in your work, in your appearance.  Learn to anticipate your Mistress’s needs.  You are a reflection of your Mistress.  Do not reflect badly upon her.

4.  Mistress is always correct.  Never question.  You duty, your obligation, is to submit and obey at all times.

5.  Always be open and honest.  Never lie, never tell half truths.  Both you and your Mistress will suffer.


and here are a few more to keep in mind:

1.      sissy maid must address Mistress as set forth by Mistress. *

2.      sissy maid must always say “thank you.”  Whether being punished, or being praised.

3.      sissy maid must always show the utmost respect for Mistress.

4.      sissy maid must obey Mistress at all times.

5.      sissy maid must have a pleasant disposition at all times.

6.      sissy maid must not speak without permission.

7.      sissy maid must fulfill all of her duties to the best of her ability.

8.      sissy maid must have on proper attire at all times.

You as an inferior, a sissy must show the utmost respect for your Mistress.  You must.

Be the best little sissy you can be,
Your humiliation, is my entertainment!
The Divine Miss X aka Goddess XTC

Sissy Guide

Finding and developing your inner girl.   It will be fun and gratifying for you, to finally find your true self.  To let the girl inside shine.  To understand that your place is to serve, to learn, to be the best little sissy you can be.

Whether you are a brand new girl seeking guidance, or trained and searching for your new perfect Mistress, you will find what you need.

It is not hard to imagine what fun it is for me to dress you up like a pretty girl, to laugh as your masculinity slowy fades away.   To feel the pride in you, as you become my perfect sissy.

sissy,chastity,sissy maid,One of my favorite girls to play with.  She is so easily excited, so much fun to torment.  She is getting better though.  She is finally beginning to accept her position in life.  Placing her in chastity has been quite rewarding for both of us.   It has been the key to finally stripping away her outward manly appearance, and the path to deep inside her brain.


Be the best little sissy you can be,
Your humiliation, is my entertainment!
The Divine Miss X aka Goddess XTC